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Client Downloads:
Direct Mirror 1Silkroad Europe newest Launcher - Required for everyone since v247
IMPORTANT: without this launcher you will not be able to download patches.
795 KB
Direct DownloadFull Client Download - Direct Download1,83 GBv247
MEGA MirrorFull Client Download - MEGA Mirror 1,83 GBv247
Tool Downloads:
Direct Mirror 1SroEU System diagnosis tool
This tool is only needed to iron out problems when starting the client!
25 KB
Direct Mirror 1SroEU repatch tool
This tool is only needed if your patch failed! For example if you get the "cant create file transfer" error.
11 KB
Miscellaneous Downloads:
Direct Mirror 1Silkroad Europe Enhanced Grafics Mod
Warning: this mod increases CPU & GPU useage and
may lead to laggs on older Computers!
78 KB
Library & Framework Downloads:
Official Microsoft download.NET Framework 4.5.2
This framework is needed for the launcher to work. Everyone has to have this installed.
48,1 MB
Official Microsoft downloadMicrosoft VC Redistributable 2008
This is needed for the new client to work without errors!
1,7 MB
Server state:
Server info:
Client Version: 1.188
Exp Rate: 150x
Party Exp Rate: 160x
Gold Drop Rate: 15x
Drop Rate: 200x
Giant Spawn: 7.5x
Job EXP Rate: 25x
Trade Prices: 2x
Magic Stone Drop: 10x Magic Pop Rate: 10x
Fortress Info: