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Rebirth System

Our innovative rebirth system offers the possibility to get even stronger!
Once you reaced lvl 110 you can do a rebirth to get to level 1 again. Sounds stupid? Wrong!

With every rebirth you will get 5 extra stat points that you can distribute onto STR or INT which increases your damage, hp/mp and defense. Aside of that the skills you had when doing a rebirth will stay!

That means you can get every single skill your race offers and then choose the best of all to make your own unique build!
This opens the way to more different builds like pve or pvp or hybrid builds like in many other games.

Rebirth process is simple:
1. Increase Rebirth Number by 1
2. Set Level and Mastery to 1 (Skills Stay)
3. Set EXP and SP to 0
4. Set Free Stat Points to 0
5. Set STR and INT points to 20
6. Set Extra Points to Rebirth Number * 5

The maximum number of rebirths is currently limited to 150 that means you can get up to 750 extra stat points, that makes a total of 1122 stat points for you to distribute.
You can do a maximum of 3 rebirths a day while one rebirth costs 75 Vote Points. Doing rebirths with cash (funds) is not possible!
Server state:
Server info:
Client Version: 1.188
Exp Rate: 150x
Party Exp Rate: 160x
Gold Drop Rate: 15x
Drop Rate: 200x
Giant Spawn: 7.5x
Job EXP Rate: 25x
Trade Prices: 2x
Magic Stone Drop: 10x Magic Pop Rate: 10x
Fortress Info: